Thursday, April 21, 2011

Photoshop slices using divs creates gaps

If you've ever used Photoshop to create websites by drawing them and then slicing out the buttons and if you've ever used divs and css positioning to layout the slicing (done automatically by Photoshop, just follow this) then you probably found out that something like this happens:

This happened to me whilst doing my personal website ( The solution was found here. Apparently this happens because when the doctype of the html page is set to strict, images are by default set to display:inline which makes them vertically aligned so that the bottom of the image is in line with where the base line of the text is. In the case of sliced web pages, the slices are placed inside divs so the images are aligned with where the base line of text inside the div would be if there was any. But the divs make room for the "descenders" of text, that is, the extra room needed to display the bottom of the letters 'y' and 'g' for example. Therefore the images will not be aligned with the very bottom of the divs.

So to fix this problem we need to make the images aligned to the very bottom of the containing divs by setting the display css of each slice to block. I gave each slice image a class attribute called slice and then added the following css:


That fixed it.

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